General Terms



A. Rental Rates: Daily Rental rates are based on a 24-hour rental day starting at the time of rental. The minimum charge is one day, plus mileage, if applicable. The renter will be charged for each hour and/or any part of an hour in excess of a rental day the renter keeps the vehicle until the vehicle is returned, up to the applicable daily rate. Mileage charges, if applicable, will be the number of miles driven as determined by the odometer readings at the beginning and end of the rental. A Return Change Fee of $25 will apply if you return 24 hours or more prior to your reserved return date and time. If you return 24 hours or more after your scheduled return date and time, a Return Change Fee of $15.99 per day will apply ($79.95 max.), in addition to any other rental charges. If the renter fails to comply with the conditions applicable to the rate, including any geographic driving restrictions, a mileage charge, surcharge or other rates may apply

B. Driving Age: The minimum age to rent a vehicle at most locations in the United States and Canada is 21 years of age. Please refer to the Local Policies for specific information on driver ages at the location where you intend to rent and the applicable charge for drivers 21 to 24 years of age.

C. Authorized Drivers: The vehicle may be driven only by an authorized driver. An authorized driver is the renter and any additional person who appears at the time of rental and signs the rental agreement. All authorized drivers must satisfy our age requirements, have a valid drivers license, provide a physical street resident address, a major credit card in their own name, and fulfill our other qualifications, which vary by location. Employers and co-employees of renters renting on corporate rate plans, if properly licensed and meet our age requirements, are authorized to drive the vehicle while acting within the scope of their employment duties. See our credit requirements and driver’s license requirements below. The authorized driver and any additional authorized drivers may be subject to a driver record check (See below). No other persons are authorized to drive the vehicle.

D. Additional Authorized Drivers and Fees: All additional authorized drivers are required to qualify to drive the vehicle. To qualify, requires all additional drivers, including spouses, to satisfy our minimum age requirements, have a valid driver’s license and pay an additional driver fee. However, the following additional drivers do not need to pay an additional driver fee or separately qualify as long as they meet our minimum age requirements and have a valid drivers license:

(1) government renters on official orders,

(2) corporate account customers on corporate rate plans, and

(3) drivers/companions of physically impaired customers. The additional driver may also be subject to a driver record check and an underage drivers fee. (See below). Because the requirements vary by location, please refer to the Local Policies for specific information on additional driver fees charged at the location where you intend to rent.

E. Underage Driver’s Fee: An authorized driver 21 to 24 years of age may be charged an Underage Drivers fee because of such driver’s age in addition to the additional driver fee, if applicable. Because the requirements vary by location, please refer to the Local Policies for specific information on additional authorized or underage drivers at the location where you intend to rent a vehicle.

F. Credit Qualifications/Requirements: To qualify to rent the vehicle, the renter must present at the time of rental a current driver’s license and valid major credit card or debit card (see Debit Card Usage below) in the renter’s own name with available credit. At the time of rental, an authorization hold will be secured on the credit/debit card provided, to cover the estimated rental charges and any additional charges that may be incurred. These funds will not be available for your use. For customers with a coupon, the estimated amount is the approximate total not including your promotion.*

*We may place an authorization amount of up to USD 200.00 plus the estimated charges on a customer’s card, given certain conditions that will be outlined at time of rental.


Acceptable Charge Cards

American Express / MasterCard /  Visa / Amex


G. Using Debit Cards to Qualify for a Rental

  • At many locations, debit cards issued under a VISA or MasterCard logo which draw funds directly from a cardholder’s linked bank account may be used at the outset of a rental to qualify for the rental.


  • At locations where debit cards are accepted to qualify for a rental, in most cases, the location will perform a credit check for debit card customers to determine credit worthiness at the time of rental.  The customer must meet the minimum criteria to rent using a debit card. The customer presenting the debit card must also present two (2) valid forms of identification.  In addition, the acceptance of such debit cards is contingent upon the debit cards having available funds to cover the estimated charges plus an authorization of up to USD 200.00 given certain conditions that will be outlined at time of rental. These funds will not be available for your use.


  • When a debit card is accepted as form of payment, at the start of the rental, two (2) forms of identification must be presented.
    • A valid United States or Foreign Country issued Driver’s License


  • One (1) of the following forms:
    • An additional credit card or debit card embossed with the same name as the driver’s license. The card is for identification purposes only and will not be credit authorized;
    • Government issued ID, in the same name as the driver’s license and debit card:
      Valid Passport – United States or Foreign Country Issued
      United States Military Identification Card
    • Non-government form of ID, example that may be accepted includes photo store member card (Costco, Sam’s, etc.), a photo employee card as long as the photo and name matches the driver’s license and debit card.
    • Current month Utility Statement in the renter’s name and the same address as on the driver’s license. Example Gas, Electric, Cable bill, etc.


Using Debit Cards to Pay for a Rental

  • Both debit cards and prepaid or store value cards may be used as a form of payment when a customer returns the vehicle.


Cash Deposit Identification Cards – Cash rentals – which require an up-front deposit of cash – are accepted from customers who have obtained a Cash Deposit Identification (ID) Card. Applications for a Cash Deposit ID Card are available from Applicants must be 21 years of age or older (18 in Michigan and New York) and the application process can take approximately thirty (30) days – except as otherwise required by law. There is a U.S. $15 nonrefundable processing fee which offsets the cost to have a modified credit check performed on the applicant.

H. “Key Ring” Credit Cards: does not accept the small credit cards issued by credit card companies that fit on a key ring. In the event that a customer presents the key ring credit card at the time of rental, the rental location may ask you to present the standard size credit card or another form of payment.

I. Gasoline Policy:  Gasoline Policy: The renter must refill the gas tank of the vehicle within a 10-mile radius of the rental return facility and present a fuel receipt to avoid a refueling charge unless the renter chooses the prepaid fuel option. If the renter chooses the prepaid fuel option, the renter will pay a specified charge as set forth in the rental agreement and have no obligation to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. If the renter fails to provide a receipt for a trip under 75 miles, they will be charged a service and fueling convenience fee of $13.99. If the renter does not choose the prepaid fuel option, and does not return the vehicle with a full tank of gas for rentals over 75 miles, the renter will be required to pay a fuel charge to compensate for the cost and service of refueling the vehicle.  The fuel charge is based on the estimated number of gallons needed to refill the tank multiplied by the rate per gallon charge specified in the rental agreement. < may use different methods of estimating the number of gallons needed to refill the tank and these methods of estimation necessarily rely on human judgment. Most locations estimate the number of gallons needed to refill the gas tank either (1) by reading the fuel gauge to estimate the approximate amount of fuel needed to refill the tank (for example, one-half tank) and multiplying that number by the manufacturer’s specified fuel tank capacity, or (2) if the renter did not purchase any fuel during the rental, by reading the odometer to determine the amount of miles driven during the rental and dividing that number by the vehicle’s estimated average fuel efficiency (miles per gallon) based on the manufacturer’s fuel efficiency specifications. References herein to miles and gallons shall be kilometers and liters when renting in Canada.

J. Geographic Limitations: At most locations, driving is restricted to the continental United States and Canada. A Canadian resident is prohibited from driving a U.S. owned vehicle into Canada. Please refer to the Local Policies for specific information regarding geographic limitations at the location where you intend to rent a vehicle.

K. Disabled Renters:

1. Available Driving Aids: If the renter will require driving aids to operate a vehicle, please contact us at 1-213-388-4464. This will ensure availability of equipment and allow personnel to install such equipment prior to the rental.

2. Pick-up: We would also ask that you call 1-213-388-4464 prior to your arrival so that we may pick you and your traveling companion up, if any, upon arrival at the airport. At most locations, courtesy telephones are also available in the airport to contact us for pick-up.

3. Additional Authorized Drivers: If a traveling companion shall serve as the driver during the rental, please advise the representative at the time of rental and pick-up. There is no additional charge for an additional authorized driver for non-driving disabled renters.

L. Driver’s Licenses:

United States Citizens and U.S. Military Personnel: A renter or any additional authorized driver who is a citizen of the United States, must present at the time of rental:

(1) a driver’s license issued by any state, territory or possession of the United States , and valid for the entire rental period.

(2) a temporary driver’s license, valid for the entire rental period

(3) a traffic citation issued as a temporary license, valid for the entire rental period (the court date being the expiration date) and a second form of identification with signature (excluding the credit card used for rental)

(4) a valid driver’s license issued by a providence or territory of Canada

(5) a foreign driver’s license* issued by the country of residence of the renter and additional drivers. If the driver’s license is not in English the renter and drivers will be required to present both the foreign issued driver’s license and a current International Driver’s Permit (“IDP”); or, if from Japan, a Japanese Translation Service. An IDP does not give a person the right to drive, but provides a certified translation of the valid foreign driver’s license. An IDP (or certified translation) without the foreign issued driver’s license is not acceptable.

*If the foreign issued driver’s license is from a country where “permanent” or “non-expiring” driver’s license are issued, the renter and any additional drivers will also be required to show their passport, visa, or other current U.S. issued documentation at the beginning of their rental authorizing the renter or driver to be preset in the USA at the time of rental.

M. One-way Rentals: One-way rentals within the U.S. and within Canada vary by location and vehicle availability. A one-way drop fee will apply.

N. Optional Equipment:

1. Child Safety Seats: For an additional charge, which varies by location, infant, toddler and child/youth safety seats are available at many locations.

2. Ski Racks: Ski racks are available at some locations where travel to ski resorts is anticipated during the winter season. There is an additional charge for ski racks.

3. Global Positioning System(“GPS”): Many locations offer a GPS unit for use during the rental for an additional daily charge. The small, dashboard-mounted device is programmed for multiple languages and contains mapping details of the entire U.S. with nearly six million points of interest, including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs and tourist attractions. The GPS unit can be programmed to avoid toll roads.

O. Optional Services:

i. RoadSafe: RoadSafe is a service offered by us at some locations for a per day charge. This service provides you with towing in the event of an accident, lock-out, flat tire, and fuel and battery service during your rental.

ii. Electronic toll by-pass option: In a few cities, we offer an option to purchase an electronic toll bypass service for a per/day charge that allows the driver to bypass all toll booths and avoid electronic toll charges on all the toll roads in the city or state, as applicable; and, as many times a day as necessary. If you decline to purchase the toll bypass option, you will pay us for all unpaid toll roads violations (including violations captured by camera) charged by the toll authority plus a $15.00 administrative fee per violation. If you have a personal transponder or account, it may not transfer to the rental vehicle and you will be charged a toll violation. Please be advised that some toll roads are managed electronically and have no manned booths. GPS units rented from us can be programmed to avoid toll roads.

P. Additional Fees: At most locations the renter may incur one or more of the following charges and fees: (i) an (airport)concession recovery fee or off-airport access fee; (ii) an (airport) consolidated facility charge; plus, frequent flyer surcharges, and vehicle license fees which are the estimated average per day per vehicle portion of our total annual vehicle taxes, licensing, titling, and registration costs, and other governmental fees or charges on top of the daily rate and any optional products and services the renter selects. These charges are calculated either as a per-day or a per-rental charge.

Energy Surcharge – Separate and apart from the costs of fueling rental vehicles, energy costs represent a substantial portion of operating expenses.  To offset the significant costs of utility charges, bus fuel, oil and grease and related costs, is separately imposing an Energy Surcharge.  This Charge is not intended to reflect a precise measure of actual energy costs incurred to serve a particular customer.

Q. Lost and Found:> will not uphold responsibility for any personal belongings left in the vehicle or within the location premises. If you have lost items, please contact customer service as soon as possible – 1-213-388-4464



A. Loss or Damage to the Vehicle: The renter and any additional drivers are absolutely liable for any loss or damage to the rental vehicle, even if someone else caused it or the cause is unknown, whether due to theft, fire, hail, flood, collision, vandalism, or any other cause, subject to limitations imposed by the law where the vehicle is rented. This liability will not exceed the full value of the vehicle, plus:

1. Actual towing and storage charges;

2. Loss of use;

3. Diminution in value, regardless of whether the vehicle is repaired or not

4. All rental charges through the date you report the incident if not returnable or the return date, whichever is later;

5. Any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by us as a result of the loss or damage to the vehicle

6. A reasonable administrative fee; and

7. Pro-rata license plate fees, all as allowed by law.

B. Third Party Liability Claims: Unless otherwise required by applicable law, a renter and/or any additional authorized driver (and the respective insurance company of each) is primarily responsible for all third party claims of personal injury, including death, and property damage caused or arising from the use and operation of the vehicle during the rental. (To the extent is required to provide coverage, in spite of the terms of the rental agreement, it shall only be in an amount necessary to satisfy the minimum financial responsibility limits required by applicable law.)

C. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Where permitted by law, does not provide uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. In those states or provinces where must provide such coverage, will only provide such coverage up to the minimum limits required by law. In some U.S. locations, offers the option to purchase Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Protection (“UMP”). Please refer to the Optional Protection Package below for an explanation of this coverage.

D. Optional Protection Package: At the time of rental, offers for purchase at the option of the renter, Loss Damage Waiver (“LDW”), Personal Protection Plan (“PPP”), Protection Plus (PP), Personal Accident Insurance (“PAI”), Personal Effects Insurance (“PEI”), Emergency Sickness Protection (ESP), Supplemental Liability Insurance (“SLI”) and Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Protection (“UMP”). The per day cost, coverage, provider and availability vary by location, vehicle category and rate. Please refer to the locations Local Policy to determine whether SLI is required for travel into Canada and the cost of such coverage. The optional products offered by the rental company may duplicate coverage provided by the renters personal automobile insurance or insurance the renter may have through another source. Purchase of optional products is not required to rent the vehicle. Separate brochures available at the rental location summarize the optional products. We charge a per day fee for each day or part of a day the vehicle is rented for any optional products you select.

1. Loss Damage Waiver (“LDW”): If the renter purchases one of the optional LDW plans, will agree to waive the renters responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle in full or in part (depending on the LDW plan accepted). LDW is not insurance or an insurance product.

LDW does not apply if: (1) the renter uses the vehicle in violation of the rental agreement; (2) the renter fails to remove the keys, or close and lock all windows, doors and trunk, and the vehicle is stolen or vandalized; (3) the renter fails to notify us and the police immediately after the loss; and (4) the renter fails to pay the charges under the rental agreement; or (5) other exceptions as allowed by the applicable state or provincial law.

Before deciding whether to purchase LDW, the renter may wish to determine whether their own automobile insurance or credit card agreement provides coverage for rental vehicle damage or loss and determine the amount of the deductible under their own insurance coverage. The purchase of LDW is not mandatory. LDW is not insurance.

2. Personal Protection Plan (“PPP”): PPP includes Personal Accident Insurance (“PAI”) and Personal Effects Insurance (PEI) and where offered must be purchased together. PPP is not offered in Canada.

a. PAI: provides benefits to the renter and the renters passengers for accidental medical expenses, ambulance expenses and accidental death benefits during the rental. If this optional coverage is purchased by a renter, the renter is covered twenty-four hours a day for all accidents, whether the renter is actually in the rental vehicle or not at the time of the accident. Passengers in a vehicle are only covered for accidents occurring while the passengers occupy the vehicle.

b.PEI: insures the personal effects of the renter and any member of the renter’s immediate family traveling with the renter. A member of a renter’s immediate family must permanently reside in the renter’s household. If this optional coverage is purchased by the renter, PEI covers only personal effects with which the renter or immediate family member are traveling. PEI pays covered claims even if the renter’s homeowner’s policy provides coverage.

3. Supplemental Liability Insurance (“SLI”): Where available, and for an additional daily charge, a renter may purchase SLI at the time of rental. If accepted, SLI provides the renter or any additional authorized drivers listed in the rental agreement, with automobile liability coverage against third party claims (excluding claims by the renters and any additional authorized drivers family members related by blood, marriage or adoption and any other person residing with the renter or additional driver) for bodily injury, including death, and property damage resulting from an automobile accident in the vehicle, during the rental period, in excess of the coverage provided under the rental agreement up to a maximum protection of $1,000,000 combined single limit (CSL) per occurrence. The availability, cost and coverage can vary from location to location depending on the program details. Check with the rental location for details of their program. SLI does not provide coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorist protection except in New York. SLI does not apply in Mexico. SLI is not offered in Canada.


If you purchase SLI in New York: In New York, for an additional daily charge, two SLI products may be available: (i) SLI with an uninsured/underinsured motorist protection up to $1,000,000 Bodily Injury per accident limit; and (ii) an SLI with a $100,000 Bodily Injury each person/$300,000 Bodily Injury per accident limit (a Supplemental Tier).

If you rent in Texas: The renter may not need the automobile insurance offered by the rental car company. The purchase of automobile liability insurance is not required as a condition of renting an automobile. This insurance does not apply to any bodily injury or property damage arising out of the use or permitting the use of a rental vehicle by any driver while under the influence of drugs or alcohol in violation of the law.

4. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Protection (“UMP”): If the renter purchases SLI, the renter may have the opportunity to purchase UMP. UMP provides the renter; any authorized additional driver and anyone else occupying a vehicle while operated by the renter or an additional authorized driver, with coverage for injuries and damages caused by an owner or driver of an uninsured or underinsured third party vehicle. This coverage is excess above the minimum financial responsibility limits for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage required by law, if any. UMP provides coverage for the difference between any uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage available to the renter in the rental agreement, if any, up to a maximum of $1,000,000 combined single limit (CSL) per occurrence. UMP is included with the SLI purchased in New York and may not be offered or sold separately. UMP does not apply in Mexico. UMP is not offered in Canada.

5. Protection Plus (PP): In Canada, where available, if the renter purchases PP, it will provide limited benefits to the authorized driver and passengers of the vehicle during the rental for accidental medical expenses, ambulance expenses and accidental death, repatriation, rehabilitation, legal defense, emergency road service and mechanical breakdown towing benefits, and loss to personal belongings if certain terms and conditions are met.

6. Emergency Sickness Protection (“ESP”): ESP is available in Florida to all renters who are non-U.S.citizens including Canadians who possess valid non-U.S. passports at the time of rental. ESP provides certain medical benefits for some sicknesses that may occur during rental periods of thirty days or less. ESP also covers individuals possessing valid non-U.S. passports at the time of rental traveling with the renter. Benefits include up to $10,000 per person for reasonable and customary cost of necessary medical care for covered sickness, including (A) medical or surgical treatment; (B) hospital services, supplies, x-rays and laboratory fees; (C) local ambulance and (D) visits to a physicians office, and are subject to a $100 deductible per person per sickness. ESP does not provide coverage for any sickness for which symptoms began or treatment received during the twelve months prior to the beginning of the rental period; expenses incurred outside of the U.S.; expenses for eyeglasses, contact lenses or hearing aids; losses incurred while participating in racing, professional club, intercollegiate or interscholastic sports; losses from an accident, cardiovascular disease, cancers tumors, tuberculosis, organ transplant, congenital conditions, deviated septum, cosmetic surgery, dental care, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, fertility/infertility treatment, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, and emotional or mental disorders of any kind; and losses while traveling against the advice of a physician or while traveling for the purpose of receiving medical treatment. ESP does not apply in Mexico.



Interstate Car Rental Allows Cancellation on Prepaid Reservation as Following Conditions;

  1. If the cancellation is made within 24 hoursof the original booking date; (except same day booking and pick up) 100% of prepaid amount will be refunded.
  2. Less the administrative fee charge of 20% of prepaid amount if the cancellation is made after 24 hours of the original booking time.
  3. Less the administrative fee charge of 50% of prepaid amount if the cancellation is made within 48 hours of the pick up time.



In case of failure to cancel the reservation prior to the Pick Up Time and NO SHOW on the Pick Up Date, or in case of failure to comply with the pick up terms (refer Rental Qualifications & Requirements), We reserve the right to make a No Show/Lost Rental Charge of 100% of prepaid amount which enabling us to recover our administration costs and compensate for our inability to rent the vehicle for that period. There will be no refund made for Same Day Booking and Pick Up.


* Revised and Effective Dec 14, 2015.